Chiron in Aries
sextile Pluto in Capricorn
May 2012 to March 2014

- Self-acceptance at our deepest level -

Chiron (wounded healer, teacher of wisdom, outsider, maverick) has been busy communicating with Pluto (profound change, death and transformation, intensity, shared resources, sexuality, power) via a sextile (tangible achievements) aspect since May 2012. 

This transitory cycle comprises of four phases where the energies of these planets ebb and flow between our subconsciousness and conscious minds.

The dates and degrees when Chiron sextile Pluto become exact during these phases are as follows:
  • 12th May 2012 -  Pluto 9 degrees 18 minutes of Capricorn sextile Chiron 9 degrees 18 minutes of Pisces
  • 6th September 2012 - Pluto Rx 6 degrees 59 minutes of Capricorn sextile Chiron Rx 6 degrees 59 minutes of Pisces
  • 4th April 2013 - Pluto 11 degrees 34 minutes of Capricorn sextile Chiron 11 degrees 34 minutes of Pisces
  • 28th October 2013 - sextile Pluto 9 degrees 21 minutes of Capricorn sextile Chiron Rx 9 degrees 21 minutes of Pisces
  • 25th February 2014 -  Pluto 13 degrees of Capricorn sextile Chiron 13 degrees of Pisces

The applying sextile between Chiron and Pluto as they approach an exact 60 degree aspect during these phases is rather like the signal of a radio station that is somewhat fuzzy. The broadcast grows strong and clear as the sextile becomes exact marking a peak of energy, which has the potential to trigger awareness and a level of practical healing in our lives.

Chiron sextile Pluto is about coming to terms with our demons initially, and then moving forward to heal our wounds, past hurts and sensitivities that are continuously triggered by certain things or people.

This enables us to understand the depths of our sexuality, our wants and desires, our fears, survival instincts and sense of power/control in a very deep and embodied way.

This transit is strongly linked to the on-going Uranus square Pluto cycle that has been in effect since 2012 and will continue until 2015. Uranus square Pluto has been prompting us, quite forcefully in some cases, to make changes not only on a collective level but also individually regarding certain areas or aspects of our lives that are no longer serving us.

Whether we consciously want to make big changes or not is a rite of passage, not a matter of choice; we are going through a period where we are likely to lose what we thought was important while simultaneously gaining riches that go beyond material things, and this can potentially cause us much angst in the process.

While the Uranus – Pluto cycle enables us to potentially transform ourselves right down to our visceral level by letting go of something, whether it is a person or a situation and make deep and long lasting changes in our lives, Chiron – Pluto will help us to work with the additional levels of discomfort, pain and grief, which is necessary for us to move forward by transforming our darkness into light.

During the first phase which peaked on 12th May last year, something will have occured outside of our personal experience. By observation the effect of said situation would filter through to our unconscious mind but the effect would have had an unexpected and jolting effect on our psyche.

Meanwhile during the second phase of 6th September, both Pluto and Chiron were in apparent retrograde motion, reflecting increased communication between our unconscious and conscious minds. This facilitated an open channel of new awareness for us to acknowledge and prepare for future reconciling, healing and restoring phases on a psychic and emotional level in particular.
The third phase between 10th March and 3rd May, peaked on 4th April this year as both planets sextiled each other in direct motion. Perhaps insight into our emotional depth and wounds during September last year has developed during this phase by bringing our darkness into light, thereby acknowledging the rawness of our issue/situation as this awareness filtered into our everyday lives.

Chiron is currently retrograde and is now applying to form a sextile with Pluto again (phase four) between 23rd September and 23rd December. These planets will become exact on 28th October, so our on-going issues may peak around that date in particular. Its effects may be subtle but we should hopefully be more alert and open to working with the healing energy of this transit compared to our situation back in April.

If we missed our chance during the third phase because we were not yet ready to face our issues and deal with our pain, then we have another chance while Chiron is still in retrograde motion. We have the opportunity to alter certain fears, obligations, responsibilities, structures, limits or rules in our lives that are pressing on our wound/s that have been causing us much distress.

Any any point throughout this cycle, it is likely that something or someone will come into our lives embodying the planets energies to help us begin repairing ourselves by accepting our 'warts and all' at the deepest level. If a relationship develops during this time, it may well be characterised by sensitivity, compassion and restorative qualities, alongside anxiety and worry as we work through our issues.

Phase four was a prelude to phase five, the final peak of this transit takes place between 25th January and 21st March approximately, with the sextile becoming exact on 25th February with both planets in direct motion. This suggests deep reconciliation with our emotional and psychological issues, bringing healing to ourselves and to our loved ones. 

Having reflected upon our issues, perhaps this is time to revise our lives by questioning and dismantling certain aspects of our behaviour, beliefs, goals, structures or our relationships with our loved ones, and instead embrace our true inner framework of principles and philosophies instead of external ones. 

Meanwhile we will have the potential to grow stronger and more powerful in ourselves, enabling us to move forward and enter a new stage in our lives.

The adage "What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger" definitely describes how we could  feel as this therapeutic transit ends, if we apply ourselves and work with this transit.

Those of us with planets or angles between 1 degree to 18 degrees of the Cardinal signs of Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn, or the Mutable signs of Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces will experience the effects of this planetary cycle the most.

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